Child Assessment Center

The Child Assessment Center (CAC) provides responsive and timely medical assessment and treatment; along with interviews of children and family members who may have experienced child abuse, neglect or exposure to violence. Children and adolescents are seen for comprehensive evaluations of alleged abuse or neglect. The clinic uses a multidisciplinary approach, which includes medicine, social work, law enforcement and child protective services, and minimizes the child's need to repeatedly tell his/her story of abuse.  

Call (614)722-3278 to schedule an appointment for your child to visit the Child Assessment Center.
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What should I tell my child about his/her appointment?

Before coming to the CAC, you should let your child know that he/she will meet with one or two people whose job it is to talk to children about safety. Please tell your child that it is okay to tell them everything that he/she has told you. We request that you do not ask your child any further questions about the incident; however, listen if he/she chooses to talk.

How can I get a copy of the medical record after the visit?

Typically, the medical record may take 7-10 days to be completed and reach the Health Information Management Department (HIM). Due to HIPAA regulations, all medical records must be obtained through HIM. They may be contacted at (614) 355-0777 to obtain copies of the record.

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