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Family violence does not stay at home when its victims go to work. Statistics show 75% of victims are harassed on the job, and abusive partners often use company resources, computers, cell phones and email to carry out harassment. Its effects are far-reaching and often manifest themselves in the workplace through victims' absenteeism, loss of productivity and high insurance costs.

Most central Ohio employers do not have systems or guidelines in place to handle these potentially explosive and dangerous situations. The workplace is the one location that the abuser knows where the victim will be during work hours. This increases the concern for the workplace and the reality that violence can happen at any time and with any employee. It is important for managers and supervisors to respond appropriately when they interact with individuals struggling with this issue. It is important for employers to establish victim-sensitive policies, increase awareness, develop an emergency response mechanism and provide training.

Customized training and technical assistance is available for any employer, regardless of the number of employees and for both non-profit and for-profit businesses. Participants will learn how to recognize signs of abuse, respond appropriately and refer to community resources. For more information and scheduling, please contact (614) 722-4830.

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